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Fall Fun Activities to Bring the Family Together

Spending time with the family is one of life’s most valuable treasures. Fall is a beautiful season to bring the family together, especially with all the festive harvest events. Unfortunately though, with all the distractions of technology and life's daily obligations, our family plans tend to slip lower on our priority list.

We’re all guilty of it. There have been so many times where I’ve been working like a crazy lady all week, so I’ll skip some of my evening rituals with Andrew, like our Food Challenge or watching Big Bang Theory, and instead, take personal time to unwind in the tub. So yes, we all need solo time, but we also need to prioritize family-- so what better opportunity than right now? Here are some neat activities to bring the family together for fall.

Apple picking and hayrides

Sure, it’s stereotypical, but you can’t argue with tradition! Apple picking gets the family outdoors and active, while also enjoying some healthy treats! Get in the fall spirit by dressing up in overalls and boots. Then hop on the hay rides to arrive at different type of trees in the orchard. Maybe you’ll discover some new apple varieties you’ve never tried before!

When you get home, set aside some apples from your stash for baking. Apple cider, pie and cobbler— choose something your family loves. Have everyone pitch in and play a role (#momproblems). If I learned anything from competing on Cupcake Wars on Food Network, it's that the more hands in the kitchen, the better!

Corn field mazes

Minus the scary movies, corn fields offer endless family fun. Research your nearest farm online and find ones that have corn field mazes.

Some of them can be pretty complicated, so here’s a tip: carry some pebbles and drop them over your tracks so you know which paths you’ve already covered. Otherwise, looping around in circles for hours might dampen the fun, especially if you’re little guys are impatient.

Pumpkin carving

Is there an artist in the family? Get creative this fall with some good, old-fashioned pumpkin carving! Take a road trip to a pumpkin farm and have everyone in the family choose their favorite pumpkin. Bonus points if you can navigate your way using a 90's atlas book instead of GPS, ha!

When you arrive, suggest that everyone chooses a pumpkin that matches their personality. If you come across an interestingly shaped, wonky one, it’s meant for the silly member of your family, while a cute mini pumpkin will be exciting for toddlers.

Take the pumpkins home and bring out some carving tools. Each family member can carve a design or face, but the little guys will obviously need your help. Then after the kids go to bed, cuddle up on the couch with some pumpkin spice lattes. You deserve it!

Leaf treasure hunt

Get exercise, adventure and learning all at once! Embark on a nature journey with the family, either in your neighborhood or nearest forest trail.

Before you leave, print out a checklist of different leaf types with pictures. Chestnut, Maple or Oak— see how many different types and colors you can find. Whoever finds the most variety wins! You can even play a game later on at home, seeing who can remember the names of each leaf.

Spending family time together doesn’t always have to be about movies, malls or video games. Take advantage of everything that fall has to offer with these amazing family activities.

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