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5 Ways to Update Your Skin Routine for Fall

When the season changes, so should our skincare routine. It’s important to keep up with the climate since our skin needs different treatments according the weather. Annoying, I know, especially when you’ve finally found that holy grail moisturizer-- but hey, maybe it'll still work all-season-round. Here's how to know for use. To help you along, here's how to update your skincare routine for fall.

1.Ditch the alcohol-based toners

First off, let’s be clear about toning. As one of the most important parts of a skincare routine, applying toner helps purify your skin and tighten pores after you've washed your face. The only problem is that many toners are made with alcohol , which is extremely drying for your skin--especially in fall.

Instead, make your own toner, one that’s safe and gentle. Use a couple drops of lemon into ½ tbsp of rose water. It’ll help soothe and firm your skin naturally.

2. Stronger moisturizer

Same way you dress warmer for fall, our skin needs more protection too. It needs more moisture! With the cold wind and dry air, our face craves moisture for soft, healthy skin. This is especially important if you have eczema or sensitive skin in general.

To treat your skin on a budget, try your local health store. They carry organic moisturizers, which are not only purer, they’re also much cheaper than the big pharmacy brands. Look for natural moisturizers containing oils such as grape seed, jojoba or lavender— they’re amazing for softer skin.

3. DIY Aloe Vera night mask

I’m not a big plant person, but for my Aloe Vera plant, I’ll be the best nurturer! Because in my experience, Aloe straight from the plant can’t compare to Aloe from a tube. Even if the tube’s label says, “pure Aloe”, it’s not the same! I’ve tried both and there’s no comparison! Since the tube version is still made with preservatives and additives, it’s less effective.

Cut a thumb-size section of the Aloe Vera plant every night and open it up to see all that gooey green. Rub it over your face and let it absorb. By morning, you'll have dewier, brighter skin. It’s the ideal skin rescue for fall.

4. Exfoliate safely

If you’ve got sensitive skin, you might worry about exfoliating. Yet, in the fall, our skin can dry out and flake more easily. For this reason, you should still include some delicate exfoliating in your skincare routine. Otherwise, your skin tone can look uneven and dull.

Did you know there’s a gentler way to exfoliate? I use cotton face pads that come with tiny beads on the back, so I can lightly brush away all the flakes. I put some Aloe on the back of the pad so it’s even more soothing. Sensitive skin 101, friends!

5. Switch to a water-based primer

Most primers out there are silicone based. And for good reason: they look amazing! But when fall rolls around, the heavy silicone on your skin acts like a barrier, making it even harder for your skin to maintain its moisture. You can end up with dehydrated skin and cracked makeup.

That’s why you should switch to a water-based primer for fall. Your skin will stay more hydrated and fresh-looking. Just don’t forget to use water-based foundation too!

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