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6 Signs He's Your Forever Guy

Dating is a sorting process. But when the timing is right, someone amazing enters your life and surprises you. The only problem is that it's hard to be sure he's "the one" because unfortunately, people change over time-- and not always for the better! He start off being your ideal dream guy, but once he gets cozy, he'll spew out some seriously awful red flags-- the deal-breaking kind. So how can you tell the difference between the honeymoon stage or the real deal? Here are 7 signs you can decide for sure!

1. He notices your details

A guy who notices all your tiny details appreciates you deeply. He'll savor all your random thoughts, habits and jokes (funny or unfunny). He'll even admire the way you move; whether you're graceful or clumsy, it doesn't matter! What matters to him is that you're interesting.

You might even have an awkward flirting style or random quirks he adores. Maybe you're a sleepy space-cadet in the morning or you're super controlling over the TV remote. In his eyes, your habits are equally as refreshing as your beautiful qualities.

2. He hopes to impress your family

A good guy understands that “making the cut” with your family is important. So naturally, he'll crave their acceptance. He'll make sure they see he's a gentleman and he'll always do things to prove you picked a good one. If he sees a future with you, he values that your family may become his too! So he'll gather all the charm and respect he can to dazzle them.

3. He can be real with you

Being real means he doesn’t resort to playing games or acting cool to attract you. An immature guy may need these tricks to gain the upper hand, but a real partner doesn't care about exposing his true silly self. He can show his fears, insecurities or even his nerdy side. When he's crazy about you, he'll risk being vulnerable to make the relationship as real as possible.

4. He shows empathy

There are two kinds of men: the ones who pretend to care about your feelings and the ones who care so deeply that they sense your feelings! The one who's truly in love will show you a more intense emotional connection. He'll show empathy because he's affected by your feelings--on your bad days, good days and even your mood swings!

Only bad boys act too cool to be affected by your feelings. The right one won't. He'll always ask how you're doing and will go the extra mile to see you smile.

5. He's inspired to be a better man

Even if he's already great, you'll inspire him to be better! This impulse is motivated by his deep attraction to you and his male instincts! He wants to grow into a stronger and more confident person who deserves your love. In turn, he'll always work toward improving himself to protect your desire for him.

6. He makes you feel special

The RIGHT guy makes you feel strong, beautiful and happy. He wants you to know how valuable you are to him, so he'll naturally keep you smiling (for the most part, ha!). He'll bring home your favourite snacks without you asking, hug you in the middle of nowhere or compliment you on any random occasion. No matter how he chooses to show it, you’ll always feel incredibly special.

If your man shows ALL these signs, you can be certain he's your forever guy. And if you found him, don't let him go.

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