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5 Fall Workouts That Will Inspire You

Don’t let your workout motivation fall with the weather. This season, there are lots of cool ways to spice up your exercise routine. Whether you’re craving to get outdoors or simply want a break from the treadmill, get some inspiration with these 5 fall workouts.

Scavenger hunt

Love games? Try this one. Here’s how it works: locate your nearest forest trail and plan your route on a map. Beside each landmark, write down a bodyweight exercise you must do (sit-ups, pushups,lunges, etc). The landmarks can be anything: benches, hiking direction signs, rocks, ponds, ect.

Every time you arrive at a landmark during your scavenger hunt, do 10 reps of the move. For example, if you wrote “squats” beside “hiking direction signs’, then you would have to do 10 squats every time you approach this spot. It’s a fun way to get your blood flowing and breathing fresh air.

Trail Jogging

Let your mind escape through nature. You’ll forget about the difficulty of the exercise and stay focused on the goal of pushing forward through the colorful trees. Plus, jogging on natural terrain is more challenging for your body than jogging on the sidewalk. Since the forest ground is uneven and rocky, you're adjusting your balance and footing as the incline changes. In turn, you’re using more bursts of energy, making this type of exercise is more intense.

Dog walking

Are you a dog lover? Find the nearest dog shelter in your neighborhood and volunteer as a dog walker. It’s a great way to get some low-to-medium level exercise, while indulging your love of those furry cuties. If the dogs want to run, increase your speed with them. When it’s time to slow down and catch your breath, use your arm strength to tug back on the leashes. Not only will you be doing a good deed, you’ll be investing in your body too!


Canoeing isn’t just a summer activity. So dress warmly, grab a friend and rent a canoe at your nearest waterfront. It’s a fantastic upper-body workout, which focuses on pulling the paddle through the resistance of the water. Your torso also gets a workout as your twisting your midsection through teach paddle drive. If you want to make the activity more challenging, try increasing your speed after every five-minute interval.

Biking in the woods

Biking is amazing for your legs. And as for the woods in autumn, well that’s just a bonus. If you’re a newbie to biking in the woods, definitely choose the easiest trail. The terrain is flatter so you won’t come across rocky hills or tricky turns. Unless you’re an experienced biker, you might risk injuring yourself if your muscles aren’t trained for this kind of intensity.

Make sure to pack a water bottle and take breaks to hydrate and appreciate nature. Don't make the common workout mistake of taking breaks over 5 minutes; you'll let your heart rate go down. It’s important to keep up your momentum.

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