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Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Coupling your costume theme with your partner can bring double the laughs. But it can also be double the hassle if your costumes are boring. So let's avoid all those done-it-before cliches, like doctor and nurse or Barbie and Ken, and instead, try something totally unpredictable! Better yet, make it hilarious! If you’re hoping to make a grand entrance at the party, here are some funny couples costume ideas for Halloween 2018!

Karl Lagerfeld and Cara Delevingne

Are you a couple of fashion snobs? Become the dynamic duo: Karl Lagerfeld, designer of Chanel, and his model muse, Cara Delevingne. You'll make the coolest party debut!

To keep things interesting, the guy should be Cara and the girl should be Karl-- way funnier. For Karl, don’t forget his iconic sunglasses, leather gloves and white ponytail— smothered in as much cheap, Chanel-looking bling you can find. For Cara, focus on heavy drawn-on brows, smoky eyes and a selfie stick (as your prop).

Prince Harry and Princess Markle

Walk hand-in-hand as the royal dream team this Halloween. Prince Harry and Princess Markle are the coolest couple of the season (besides Andrew and me...kidding!).

To pull off these costumes, attention to detail is key. The Harry costume should include orange hairspray and his handsome military uniform— officer hat included. Then pair up with your better-half to rock the Princess Markle look, complete with her conservative wedding dress, hair tied into a low bun, topped with a sparkling tiara and a veil. Now wave to the common people!

The Joker and Harley Quinn

This wild duo never gets old. The couples who pull off this costume should include all the essential pieces. The Joker’s face paint should be extremely well-done, along with his messy green hair, a purple blazer and a joker playing card in the pocket. For Harley Quinn, you can find her “Daddy’s Little Monster” shirt and all her other costume essentials on Amazon. Then, draw on all her crazy tattoos with washable marker. You’ll both look hilarious!

Zombie gangster and zombie flapper

If you love the roaring 20’s, this couples costume is a must! The zombie gangster and flapper will wear all the classic trimmings, but for Halloween, it should look frighteningly gory! Paint your faces pale white and then drip fake blood over your mouths for a flesh-eating effect. You can even tatter up the costumes and wear spooky contact lenses to appear even freakier!

Overall, it’s a weird spin on a classic couples costume-- both funny and unique.

Khaleesi and brotherly love (eek!)

We’ve all seen the Khaleesi costume--nothing new here... BUT what about her brother beau? Show who's meant to rule Westeros with a Khaleesi and John Snow couples costume.

Whoever is dressing up as Snow will wear a sign that says, “I love Khalessi”, while the one who's Khaleesi will wear a sign that says, "I love my brother". These signs are the missing ingredient that makes the difference between your average Game of Thrones costume and somthing more memorable.

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