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How to Make the Most of your Weekend #TGIF

How often do you tell yourself, “I’m going to get so much done this weekend!”? Then Friday comes and your priorities get a little tussled, and before you know it, the weekend is over. What just happened? We spend so much time thinking of all the great, productive things we’d like to do, but often struggle to make these visions a reality. Time is too precious to waste. Here are some ways you can make the most of your weekend.


Weekends aren’t just for lazing around. I always make time for a workout over the weekend, usually on Fridays or Sundays, to keep my mood and energy up. If you only exercise during the week, you can easily lose your workout momentum. So it’s important to keep consistently active, including the weekends, so you can be the best powerhouse version of yourself at all times.

Finish three things on your to-do list

If you don’t already have a to-do list, make one. It’s part of every person’s route to success, whether it be buying healthier foods or mastering skills at the gym. To make sure you’re being productive, check off at least three things from your list over the weekend. This way, you can feel pride in knowing you’re not slacking off and there’s a less to do come Monday!

Remember that life doesn’t stop when the weekend starts… unless you’re on vacation. Otherwise, the most successful and talented women use to-do lists to keep their responsibilities and tasks organized. Make sure you’re always moving forward-- even on the weekend-- even if you’re feeling snuggly and just watched three hours of Netflix on the couch. Just do it!

Learn a new recipe

When’s the last time you got creative in the kitchen? Learning new recipes is an excellent weekend activity, keeping you mentally on point as you read directions and prepare ingredients. You can even invite some friends over to sample your latest creation.

I personally love experimenting with new dishes. Download the allrecipes app for cooking inspiration or check out some of my healthy recipes ideas.

Treat yourself

Spoiling yourself is key. If you’ve had a hard week and feel like you deserve some good old pampering, why deny yourself? It doesn't have to be an expensive splurge; just find something that makes you feel special. What’s your sweet spot? Maybe it’s shopping for new makeup, getting your nails done, or even something random like vegan candle shopping. Whatever gets you glowing and happy, make that your treat for the weekend.

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