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5 Key Spring Fashion Trends: Casual Style for 2018

Ready or not, springtime fashion is here. And fortunately, for this season, you don’t need to overdo it! The runways are bringing tons of casual trends on board-- good news if you’re like me and appreciate effortless style. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin, while also being fashionably on point. For some, it’s a tricky balance-- because as we all know, there’s nothing comfortable about those shaky stilettos and sticky bras. That’s why I’ve collected the top 5 key fashion trends that celebrate casual style for spring 2018.

Chunky heels

Thank you, designers, for making chunky heels hot this year. Now those of us who are skinny-heel-challenged don’t have to feel like we’re taking the easy way out. Chunky heels are obviously much more relaxing for your feet.

This year, chunky heels come in all sorts of cool shoe styles: sandals, shooties and boots. Or if you’re feeling extra funky, you can find see-through chunky heels-- the latest for 2018!

Varsity bombers

Whether you’re sporty or vintage, everyone loves a good varsity bomber. It gives you that cool, laid-back vibe and can easily be worn with any casual outfit. I found an awesome one at this random boutique in my area; it’s got a dragon embroidered onto the back. You’d be surprised what you can find when you do a little discount digging!

Boyfriend jeans

I love that this trend keeps coming back! In case you haven’t heard, boyfriend jeans are oversized denim pants that sit loosely on your waist-- almost as if you borrowed your boyfriend’s jeans ( thanks, Andrew, ha).

Boyfriend jeans are a neat concept, but they're a godsend for us ladies who prefer a casual look. You can find all styles of boyfriend jeans, ranging from dark wash, faded and my personal fave, destroyed.

Oversized crop tops

Obsessed with crop tops? It never hurts to flaunt some skin (tastefully) and this season, the look seems to be getting looser-- welcome to the oversized crop top. It feels less restricting on your figure, helping you look less show-offy with just the right amount of flirtiness.

I had Andrew scope through this trend on Pinterest and from a guy’s perspective, showing less is more with this trend. You don’t need to squeeze into form-fitting tops to feel your hottest.

Fresh sneakers

Time to kick back with new kicks! Fresh white and pastel sneakers are insanely popular for spring. You can wear them with boyfriend jeans or for a more feminine look, a denim mini. Throw over a varsity bomber jacket and you literally have the coolest outfit for spring 2018!

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