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How to Flirt

The art of flirting doesn’t come easily to all. I’ve never been much of a flirt-- at least not at first, but once I had got more comfortable with a guy, I would slowly come out of my shell. So over the years, even before I had met Andrew, I developed a pretty safe flirting style-- and by safe, I mean it's tasteful, not over-eager or aggressive. Here, I’ll show you how great flirting is all about balance, a compromise between being inviting and feminine yet also teasing and “hard to get”. Let's talk about how to flirt!

Smile more

Studies show that men are more attracted to women who smile. It signals sweetness and some vulnerability, which invites the guy to pursue you.

Smiling also lets people feel more comfortable around you-- it creates a relaxing and warm environment. Basically, it’s just good energy. So the next time you’re chatting with him, try smiling more. It’ll help move the chemistry along. However, at the same time, don't be overly giggly and googly-eyed around him; this approach comes across as a tad ditzy.

Don’t act fake: be yourself

People can tell when you’re not being natural. To make flirting happen smoothly, you need to be yourself-- even if that’s quirky or slightly awkward. Yes, seriously-- these qualities make you more endearing to him because you’re a real person with real shyness or silliness. Most guys I’ve spoken to say that they think it’s cute when a girl's a little awkward.

On the other hand, though, if you’re the more strong, confident type, that’s okay too! Just make sure to always be yourself. All your jokes, comments or giggles should be naturally yours.

Sometimes you might act shy, goofy or sassy--always keep him guessing with your moods. Don't try to come across a certain way; instead, be the authentic, dynamic person you truly are. This way, he can keep up his flirting with you on a deeper, more genuine level.

Go with the flow

Never overthink your flirting. I know that’s hard because we tend to over-analyze everything (#femaleproblems), but truthfully, going with the flow is key to building attraction. For sparks to fly, your interactions should happen on impulse-- no pre-planning.

For example, if you two are chatting, and suddenly you’re tempted to share a cute childhood story or be playful, like tickling his arm, don’t hold back because you fear he won’t respond well. The idea here is to never self-doubt or rehearse anything. The flirting should happen organically--that’s real romance!

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