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Calling all Athletes! What Are Your Back to School Goals?

It's back to school time and things are getting busy! When you're an athlete and a student, you're dealing with lots of responsibilities on your plate. From after-school practice to homework, there are tons of priorities in your busy life. On top of all that, you've got friends, family and maybe even some cool hobbies you're passionate about. How do you manage? What are your goals for this year? Here's why it's importance to set goals.

Gets you pumped!

When you’re chasing your deepest desires, you'll be much more likely to jump higher for any achievement. Whether it’s about working on your slap shot or your timing on the balance beam, think about what skills you want to improve most. You’ll see that when you make a goal, you'll try harder and work longer.

Maybe consider giving yourself a reward once you've achieved your goal. Have you ever heard the saying that nothing in life comes free? It’s couldn’t be more true here. Motivation is bought by rewards. Give yourself an incentive to reach for the stars, like saving your allowance money for new sneakers or a video game.

You'll get better and grow

Ready to improve? When you're pushing toward your next academic goal, you're consuming knowledge and growing your mind with more passion. This dedication is the key to success as both an athlete and student.

What drives you to do better? Beyond gifts or prizes, think about the honor of being awarded special medals or distinctions. Wouldn't it be great to not only be on the honor roll, but finally reach that MVP status you crave? Reaching for these titles pushes you toward amazing achievements!

You'll feel more confident

Stressing over school and athletics is exhausting. Instead of focusing on the negative stressful things, focus your energy on something positive: reaching the next step or milestone.

You don't always need to be the best on the team or in class, but you can be better on your own terms. Even if you can accomplish a new skill and make it better and stronger than before, you deserve to feel extremely confident about your growth!

You’ll quickly see that when a goal is set, you truly will reach higher. Remember that all goals in life, no matter how small, are worth working toward. Make one worth reaching for. And did you hear about my new Back to School Contest? Visit this blog post here for contest details !

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